Foundry Services

SiGe BiCMOS Technology

IHP Solutions offers industrial customers access to IHP’s powerful SiGe BiCMOS technologies, special integrated RF modules and integrated silicon photonics with >60GHz bandwidth photodiodes. The technologies provide integrated HBTs with cut-off frequencies of up to 500 GHz and are especially well suited for applications in the higher GHz bands for wireless communication or radar applications.

The comprehensive technology offering encompasses:

  • SiGe BiCMOS technologies in 0.25 µm and 0.13 µm
  • backend metal layers:
    • number of thin layers: 3 (for 0.25 µm);  5 (for 0.13 µm)
    • number of thick layers: 2 (TM1: 2 μm, TM2: 3 μm)
  • IHP Design Kits: Cadence-based for mixed signal, ADS-based for high frequency designs
  • comprehensive library of reusable IHP Blocks and IPs for wireless and broadband
  • modules
    • LBE: Localized Backside Etching to remove silicon locally to improve passive performance
    • PIC: Additional photonic design layers together with BiCMOS BEOL layers on SOI wafers
    • TSV: Additional option in SG13S and SG13G2 technology that provides RF grounding by vias through silicon to improve RF performance
  • for more details on technology please check IHP’s technology information

Service Range

Searching for a good combination of wafer production, wafer level, single chip testing and post-fabrication services you are in the right place. At IHP Solutions we serve our customers in five main fields. Within our foundry services, customers find everything from wafer production to measurement services, production testing and value added services for wafer handling and packaging. Chip production is offered as prototyping and as low volume production. Customers can choose between Multi-Project Wafers (MPW) and engineering runs with dedicated customer specific mask sets. Measurement services enable the on-wafer characterization of the dies before packaging as well as the possibility of testing already packaged components. Further testing and analysis are available for troubleshooting. In the area of packaging and value-added services IHP Solutions provides know-how and services to deliver packaged devices. Design services range from IC designing to PCB design.