SiGe:C BiCMOS Technology for your products

IHP Solutions offers industrial customers access to IHP’s powerful SiGe:C BiCMOS technologies and special integrated RF modules.
The technologies provide integrated HBTs with cut-off frequencies of up to 500 GHz and are especially well suited for applications in the high GHz bands for wireless communication or radar applications.

The comprehensive technology offering encompasses:
•    SiGe:C BiCMOS technologies in 0.25 µm and 0.13 µm.
•    Backend metal layers:
o    Number of thin layers: 3 (for 0.25 µm);  5 (for 0.13 µm) thin
o    Number of thick layers: 2 (TM1: 2
μm, TM2: 3 μm).
•    Design Kits: Cadence-based for mixed signal, ADS-based for high frequency designs

•    Comprehensive library of reusable blocks and IPs for wireless and broadband
•    Modules
o    H3P: Additional pnp-HBTs with fT/fmax = 90/120 GHz for complementary bipolar applications
o    RFMEMS: optional integrated capacitive RFMEMS switch devices for frequencies between 40 GHz to 150 GHz
o    LBE: Localized Backside Etching to remove silicon locally to improve passive performance
o    PIC: Additional photonic design layers together with BiCMOS BEOL layers on SOI wafers
For more details on technology check IHP’s technology information

For more information please contact:
Dr. Rene Scholz
Vice President Industry Services
Im Technologiepark 25
15236 Frankfurt (Oder)
Phone: +49 335 5625 647
Fax: +49 335 5625 327

Drahtlose Kommunikation

Wireless Communication offers Cross-Platform Frameworks, the development of Tools for network monitoring, prototypes for testbeds to test protocol implementation and reports for market analysis. It also offers the development of sensor net applications.

  • TIAs for optical receivers,
  • Single and segmented modulator drivers with high voltage swing,
  • Multilevel high speed drivers for optical modulators,
  • Custom ASIC development such as equalizers, clock and data recovery circuits as well as A/D and D/A converters.


IHP Solutions offers end-to-end security solutions and trust in information delivery for decision-making purposes following data owner’s privacy requirements. New challenges identified for privacy, trust and reliability are:

Provide trust and quality-of-information in shared information models to enable reusage across many applications.

Provide secure exchange of data between IoT devices and consumers of their information. Provide protection mechanisms for vulnerable devices.

  • IHP Solutions provides microcontrollers equipped with hardware accelerators for almost all relevant types of crypto graphic operations
  • IHP Solutions provides detecting malicious interference, called jamming, in a light weight way

Sensor Networks

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