RF communications & Radars

IHP's world-record SiGe:C BiCMOS technologies with special integrated RF modules is best suited for wireless communication and radar systems operating in higher GHz frequency bands from 24 GHz up to 500 GHz.

Through IHP Solutions, customers can have access to IHP technology (see ») and our design competence in wireless systems. Besides technology access, we offer basic IP blocks like VCOs, amplifiers, PLLs, ADCs, DACs, mixers, digital interfaces and control blocks (e.g. SPI) as complete analog and mixed-signal IC designs, e.g. a scalable MIMO radar platform and a mmWave beamforming frontend. Furthermore, we offer IC samples for evaluation and single-piece production, prototyping platforms and system demonstrators for wireless communication, localization and radar. Read more here »

Finally, we offer design services for RF and RADAR ICs as well as PCBs, demonstrators, and complete prototype systems. see »