IHP founds a collecting company "IHP Solutions GmbH" Frankfurt (Oder).

The IHP - Leibniz Institute for Innovative Microelectronics has established a wholly owned subsidiary with IHP Solutions GmbH. It acts as a commercial, market-oriented partner for the customers to the IHP and its research results. The business activities include the transfer of results from research and technology development as well as services for the IHP, including patent management and start-up support. Through the "Industrieservice" business area, IHP Solutions GmbH, as a contractual partner of industrial customers, is able to use the IHP pilot line's production services.

IHP's first high-performance SiGe BiCMOS for Wireless & Broadband Communication workshop was given to IHP Solutions GmbH, which was set up in August 2015, to provide an initial overview of the tasks and potential of IHP Solutions GmbH. Every year the institute organizes a forum in Frankfurt (Oder) to present the latest technologies and services. In the future, IHP Solutions GmbH will provide customers with various levels of the value chain within the IHP service spectrum as well as subsequent value-added stages via partner companies. The results of IHP research and development can be further developed commercially and used. By establishing an independent, market-oriented collecting company in the form of a wholly-owned subsidiary, the institute can concentrate even more on research activities. The close cooperation ensures that the transfer is intensified, facilitated and thus accelerated.

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