Design Partners – Complementary Services for any Kind of Design Challenge

IHP Solutions is committed to provide solutions for any challenge you might face in designing the right IC for your application.

Dedicated partners - experts with IHP's SiGe-technology - develop individual solutions for you:


ARQUIMEA develops electronic, microelectronic and electro-mechanic systems and components, including smart actuators and mechanisms, sensing systems, integrated circuits (IC) and robotic parts. ARQUIMEA’s products and technologies are suitable for those markets and sectors demanding innovation, quality, high performance and reliability, such as Aerospace, Defence & Security, Industry, Automotive, Medical or Agroindustry.

Arquimea’s Germany-based Microelectronics Design Group is formed by engineers with a solid background in space electronics and microelectronics. The following capabilities can be highlighted:

  • Design and development of digital and mixed-signal ASICs in accordance with ESA, NASA or MIL requirements.
  • Digital back-end services.
  • Design of Space-qualified FPGAs.
  • Calibration and qualification of electronic parts and digital, analog and mixed-signal ICs for automotive, defence and space applications.
  • Radiation characterization and test services on analogue, digital and mixed-signal devices.

Im Technologiepark 1, 15236 Frankfurt (Oder)
Phone: +49 (0) 335 557 1717
Email: deutschland(at)arquimea(.)de

NT Lab

NTLab provides design services for a wide range of ICs:

  • by signal: digital, analog (including RF) and mixed-signal;
  • by technology nodes: CMOS 28…180 nm, RF CMOS 40…180 nm, SiGe BiCMOS 130…350 nm;
  • by structure: from simple IP blocks to Systems-on-Chip (including back-end layout integration service);
  • by application: from general-purpose ICs to ASSPs and ASICs;
  • by frequencies: up to 10 GHz.


4th floor, 41 Surganova str., 220013 Minsk, Republic of Belarus
Email: ntlab(at)ntlab(.)com

Silicon Radar

Silicon Radar designs and delivers Millimeter Wave Integrated Circuits (MMICs) on a technologically advanced level, manufactured in affordable Silicon-Germanium-Technology (SiGe).  Silicon Radar offers high frequency circuits for radar solutions, phased-array-systems and wireless communications.

Silicon Radar GmbH

Im Technologiepark 1, 15236 Frankfurt (Oder)
Phone : +49 (0) 335 557 17 74
Email: info(at)siliconradar(.)com

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